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Inclusion Junction is a free toolset that enables inclusion leaders at all levels – from local to regional within a state, statewide, multi-state and national – in one or more inclusion dimensions, from representing the under-represented to digital, educational, economic, financial, health, housing and “other”, to share information about the inclusion services you provide and where you do so.

Once you create a free account (takes 3 minutes), we confirm you’re not a fictional character, then you can log-into your account and begin searching for other users and directly message them, if you’d like, with complete confidentiality. Indeed, you can search on a group of users — e.g., all those in Kentucky — then have the option with one click to send a private email to all those who have described themselves as providing services in Kentucky.

In this way, State leaders in, say, digital equity, can locate State or local leaders in, say, financial or economic inclusion in their state, so that they can more easily connect directly with one another. Similarly, those who strengthen inclusive pathways into living-wage careers can connect with those who provide certified Bank On checking accounts and free financial literacy coaching for those preparing for their first living-wage paycheck. By making it much easier and quicker for you to connect with inclusion resource providers in other dimensions, you and your new partners can more easily enable low-income individuals and families to make the steep climb out of intergenerational poverty.

To get started, please go to, so that others can inform and benefit from your hard-won expertise.

We welcome your questions, suggestions, and any requests for assistance, via [email protected].