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Our aim is to support sustained efforts to eliminate the digital divide as a barrier to economic and educational opportunity. As a federally tax-exempt nonprofit, NCDE provides free dissemination and policy education as well as comprehensive, fee-based consulting services, in support of digital equity for economic and educational inclusion.

Our commitment is to “field building” — generating a sustained national infrastructure to support evidence-based practices in eliminating the digital divide as the crushing barrier it presents to the nation’s low- and moderate-income learners and communities.

These supporters make our work possible:

Our Strategic Priorities

1. Mobilizing states and communities to undertake sustained efforts to eliminate the digital divide and strengthen local coordination to build more robust pathways into living wage careers, fostering an inclusive high-skill, high-wage economy for all.

2.  Providing guidance for partnership development:  developing empirically-based guides for state and local leaders leaders in banking, school systems, postsecondary education, philanthropy, and educator preparation on how to develop partnerships, tap Community Reinvestment Act and other resources, and foster digital equity for economic inclusion.

3.  Generating and disseminating research and evaluation on effective digital equity and economic inclusion practices through GIS mapping, our growing clearinghouse on resources across a growing array of essential dimensions of a systemic approach to digital equity, research and evaluation, and dissemination of best and promising practices.  Partners such as the National Coalition of Educators enable us to share best practices with every professional educator in the nation.

Who We Are

The Collaborative, a New Hampshire based federally tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, was co-founded in 2013 as the Digital Opportunity Consortium, by co-chairs Dr. Robert McLaughlin and Dr. Paul Resta. Reflecting the compelling need to speak to potential investors with one voice about why and how to approach digital equity investments and initiatives systemically, we refashioned the consortium as the National Collaborative for Digital Equity. We are headquartered in Weare, New Hampshire.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Resta, President
Susan Ballard, Vice-President
Dr. Robert McLaughlin, Secretary-Treasurer
Kim Carter
Dr. Mary Ford


Our Leadership Council

  • Dr. Chris Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
  • Dr. Jeremy Roschelle, Digital Promise
  • Skip Stahl, Co-Director, National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials, CAST
  • Lisa Trisciani, Field Sales Vice-President, Connection Public Sector Solutions