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Refurbished Laptops with Inclusion Resources

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Refurbished Laptop & Financial Inclusion Program for Low- and Moderate-Income Learners

Affordable and reliable access to technology has never been more essential to a student’s education. Current events have highlighted the divide between those that have access to technology and those that don’t. The time to act is now!

Thanks to generous support from the Endowment for Health, NCDE is most pleased to announce our national initiative to enable banks, credit unions, foundations and other donors to finance a fully loaded laptop for donation to LMI (low- and moderate-income) learners of all ages, starting in New Hampshire.

What is provided to LMI learners?

NCDE, in partnership with Bluum, AVID Products and the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program, has created a refurbished laptop bundle for $400 each* that includes:

  • Fully refurbished DELL or HP laptop with Microsoft Windows 11 OS
  • 18-month parts and labor warranty
  • Free tech support
  • Free shipping
  • Award-winning AE-36 noise-cancelling headset
  • MS Office Home and Student with Outlook
  • Bank On resources including free and low-cost checking accounts and free financial literacy materials
  • United Way’s 211 Help Desk – staffed 24x7x365 by trained information and referral specialists with on-call translators and TDD/TDD support to help callers with a range of essential health and human services.
  • The state library portal, offering unlimited free online access to full-text library resources, along with virtual reference desk assistance for effective searching
  • Ample specs to support live video-streaming and videoconferencing

Donors who invest in the program can also get credit for meeting compliance requirements of the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

*Price includes shipping fees.

Scaling the Program Nationally

Working with our technology partners Bluum and AVID, we are committed to providing and activating tools of empowerment and economic transformation to help bridge the digital divide.

We plan to scale the Refurbished Laptop Program to other states soon. Each device will be customized by state so the installed support software points to each state’s Bank On resources, 211 Help Desk(s), and state library portals.

Why Invest?

Digital equity in itself will not result in significant improvements in quality of life unless tightly linked to corresponding efforts to dramatically improve educational and economic opportunity, health outcomes and other key social impacts.

Our aim is to go beyond “strands” of social benefits to foster integrated community efforts that thoughtfully lift LMI learners of all ages out of poverty through inclusion.  

Financial Inclusion

Helping the unbanked become banked and financially literate.


Economic Inclusion

Strengthening pathways to banking, teaching and other careers and improving access to capital and credit


Educational Inclusion

Strategies to support building social capital, e-learning pedagogy and strengthening and diversifying the K12 workforce.


Digital Inclusion

Supporting root-cause analysis to understand and address barrios to online class participation.

How To Get Involved

For more information or to join NCDE in this pioneering initiative, please contact Dr. Robert McLaughlin or call 1.802.249.1159.

About Us

Bluum believes that education is the single most achievable step toward a more positive and equitable tomorrow. The company empowers educators to become innovative change-makers by providing them with technology solutions and services to improve learning and make it more accessible.

AVID Products is more than an audio company, they are a team of employee-owners creating and advocating for mindful, innovative, and accessible solutions for a better tomorrow. Facilitating growth, creativity, empathy, and connection regardless of who a person is or where they’re at on their journey.