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State Financial Empowerment Leaders Network

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Over the past several years, robust state and local coalitions have been developed to encourage and assist interested financial institutions to offer low-cost and free checking accounts for the underbanked and unbanked, and work with municipalities, state agencies, the nonprofit sector and other partners to promote the availability and value of these and other banking services for low- and moderate-income (LMI) individuals, households and communities.

Along with two dozen other states that have developed these statewide financial empowerment initiatives, we’ve together formed the State Financial Empowerment Leaders Network, to share best practices and bring such supports to the attention of the nation’s state leaders in economic, educational and digital inclusion, as well as to state and local DEI leaders. Our aim is to facilitate integration of otherwise siloed inclusion efforts, for greater impact on intergenerational poverty.

To learn more about the network and explore the feasibility and benefits of joining this network open to state financial empowerment initiative leaders, please contact Dr. Robert McLaughlin at [email protected] or 1.802.249.1159.