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Digital Resources Provided by State Libraries

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Links to Digital Resources provided by State Libraries, Educational Agencies and Consortia

Most of the online resources available from state library systems, educational agencies and consortia are password protected.  Users will need to ask a school, public or academic librarian or teacher for the current password and/or may be required to have a public or state library card to access.  In general, the states provide online access to periodicals, journals, books, business directories and government publications. Users also can access many resources at home or wherever they have an internet connection. 

To access information particular to an individual state/district learner are advised of the availability of resources through the State Agency Databases Project:

This is an ongoing effort of the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) of the American Library Association.  The introduction to the project notes:

            “In every US State and the District of Columbia, agencies are creating databases of useful information – information on businesses, licensed professionals, plots of land, even dates of fish    stocking. Some of this content is available on search engines, but much of it is part of the invisible web. Since July 2007, librarians and other government information specialists have been working on identifying and annotating these databases in one place. We’ve chased across fifty state web sites, so you don’t have to! ALA RUSA named this site one of its Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2012.

            All content on our project pages may be reused or remixed. Permission is not required. Attribution is appreciated.”