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Resources for Inclusion

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Because no one really is familiar with all the great resources that can help folks steeped in one dimension of inclusion to learn about exemplary supports in the other inclusion dimensions, this listing will surely evolve as we all share and improve on these resources.

That said, these are meant to help you get a great start in learning about superb allies and resources that can help you integrate their inclusion supports into your own efforts to significantly alleviate intergenerational poverty.

United Way’s national 211 Help Desk

  • United Way and FCC reached agreement for United Way to operate help desks nationwide, where callers to 211 can access information referral experts 24x7x365 (with TDD and TDY for those with hearing and visual impairments and on-call translators) pointing them to a wide array of free human services supports.

Financial Inclusion

  • JumpStart educational games for kids and learners of all ages

Economic Inclusion

  • USDOL’s Apprenticeship Funder: helping low-income youths and adults find in-demand living wage jobs and programs that pay them to become trained to fill them.
  • SkillsCommons’ treasure trove of free, proven-effective instructional materials to develop youths’ and adults’ skills for in-demand living wage occupations

Educational Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

  • Refurbished laptops that funders can finance for donation to low-income learners of all ages, fully-warrantied, bundled with Office 2019, 211, financial literacy and economic inclusion resources, in partnership with Bluum, AVID, and VirBELA.
  • NDIA’s much-heralded national listserv for digital inclusion advocates and experts, where you can seek experts, learn about best and promising practices, and stay current on important developments in efforts to remove digital divide barriers.