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Webinar: State Digital Equity Plans: Fostering Bank CRA Support

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Webinar: State Digital Equity Plans: Fostering Bank CRA Support

This one-hour webinar is being offered twice (in hopes that busy invitees will be able to make one of the times work), for the nation’s state leaders in digital equity and broadband planning and financial empowerment.

In this interactive discussion with state leaders in financial empowerment and digital equity, participants will learn about the compliance requirements for banks under the Community Reinvestment Act, and how to foster strategic partnerships to tap CRA funding to augment and sustain funding for digital equity after federal grant support expires. Significant time during the webinar will be set aside for Q & A.

The first webinar was held on Thursday, May 25th. The Zoom recording is available below.

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Passcode: hAjLY2I.

Please be sure to register for the 2nd webinar on Tuesday, June 6th, 11:30-12:30 Eastern: registration link here.

Panelists include:

Oneisha Freeman, state digital equity planning leader, Georgia Technology Authority (both webinars)
Abby Hughes Holsclaw, senior director, Asset Funders Network (May 25th webinar)
Robert McLaughlin, executive director National Collaborative for Digital Equity and director, Bank On New Hampshire (both webinars)
Jeannette Tamayo (tentative), state digital equity planning leader (assoc. vice-president, workforce development & community engagement), University of Illinois System (June 6th webinar)
Kara Wilkins, director, Bank On Arkansas+ (June 6th webinar)
Venus Williams, lead advisor, Bank On Georgia (both webinars)



1st 20 minutes: overview of CRA for non-bankers

2nd 20 minutes: overview of multi-year strategy of partnership between a state’s digital equity planners and financial empowerment coalition, to open up growing CRA support for digital equity

Final 20 minutes: Q & A

The session will be recorded.